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Welcome! Richmond Groundhog Removal is a full-service wildlife control company specializing in the removal of groundhogs (aka woodchucks) in Richmond, Virginia. Call us at 804-621-7450 any time. Whether you have a problem with groundhogs digging under your shed or porch, eating your garden, or digging unwanted holes in your yard or next to your house, we can solve it! We are fully trained and know everything about the wildlife of Virginia, especially Virginia woodchucks. We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. See why we are voted Richmond's best animal removal company! Check out our Richmond trapping prices. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Humane Groundhog Trapping & Relocation
  • Property and Yard Inspections
  • Preventative Groundhog Damage Repairs
  • Garden Fence Installation
  • Richmond, VA Woodchuck Control
  • Poison-free Animal Control Solutions
  • Porch or Shed Exclusion Barriers
  • Groundhog Burrow Filling

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Richmond trappingRichmond Groundhog Tip of the Week: What should I do if I find a nest of baby groundhogs?
Groundhogs cannot hesitate to have a nest of babies as soon as they get a suitable place with plenty of food. While adult groundhogs can be a nuisance to you as a home or garden owner, their babies are the opposite. These small creatures are cute, hairless, blind, and helpless. They depend on their mothers for the first few weeks of their lives. Occasionally, the mother groundhog will leave the nest to look for food. During this time, you can spot baby groundhogs stumbling to look for food outside the den. If you aren't sure whether a groundhog has a nest of babies or not, then this is the perfect time to get to the reality of the matter. If you happen to find baby groundhogs wandering outside their den, it's best to ensure they get back into their burrows. And if you want to relocate them, you can use the pups as live bait to get their mother trapped.

Ensure baby groundhogs burrow back into the den
If you come across a nest of baby groundhogs, they most likely left the den when their mother was not around. Once outside the den, they may never find their way back all by themselves. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to ensure they get back into the den. You can assist them by placing them back into their burrow.

Call local wildlife control
If you cannot help the baby groundhog get back into the burrow or den, the best thing to do is call your local wildlife control. They will take the animal and care for it until it can survive on its own in its natural habitat. Your local wildlife control will first examine the little critter for any injury and provide the appropriate treatment. They also know what food to feed it at every stage until it is grown.

Do not keep a baby groundhog as a pet
Even though a baby groundhog is cute and defenseless, you shouldn't keep it as a pet. It is a wild animal that should not be domesticated. Also, do not keep them in a cage in your yard as you will attract larger predators to your property. The predators may kill the defenseless creature or cause extensive damage to your property. Therefore, avoid any temptation of keeping groundhogs as pets.

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