Keeping Groundhogs Out of My Garden

Keeping Groundhogs Out of the Garden
You want a beautiful garden. Whatever you are growing there, you expect it to remain beautiful and you want it to thrive. Sadly, if you have a groundhog problem, that is not likely. Groundhogs will destroy your garden if given the chance. They will eat away at flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and whatever else they can find there. They will dig under the garden and create havoc. Stopping this means stopping the groundhogs. You want to keep them out of your garden so that they cannot cause any more damage. Doing so is going to take some time and effort, and it may not always work, but it is possible. You can have the groundhog gone and the garden in good shape.

Garden Fence
A fence around your garden can help. There are plenty of fence designs that focus primarily on keeping these types of pests out. So long as you have a fence that focuses on keeping out groundhogs, it can work well. Install a fence properly and you should see a reduction in damage from groundhogs. While it is not a perfect solution, it can work well.

Trap and Remove
One of the most effective methods is to trap and remove. There are live and kill traps available, and either one will work fine here. With live traps, you can catch and remove them from your property, either killing them or releasing them elsewhere. With kill traps, you can kill them instantly and then dispose of the carcass. This is a faster method and may be the best choice in most areas. Whichever you choose, make sure you bait the trap well. Use whatever it eats from your garden as bait, as that is something you know they will like.

Exclusion traps are popular as they get rid of the groundhog without you having to touch them at all. Set up an exclusion trap at the end of a tunnel, take down all other exits, and have the groundhog remove itself from your property. Once out, destroy all tunnels around the property and make sure it cannot come back. It will find some other place to eat instead of your garden. Keeping groundhogs out of your garden is within your power. With the available options out there, you can make your garden unreachable or you can get the groundhog out of your property. No matter your choice, it will give you a groundhog-free garden.

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