Should I Hire A Pro, Or Remove Groundhogs Myself?

Pro or Personal – Which Type of Removal Works Best?
Groundhogs are pests that you want gone right away. Removing them, though, is a challenge. If you are uncertain of what to do, whether to do it yourself or contact a professional, there are some easy ways to figure this out. It comes down to personal preference here. There is no right answer, only what is right for you. If you do not feel comfortable with removing the groundhog personally, you should go with a professional. However, if you do feel comfortable with this and feel you can do the task safely, it may be worth it. With the options available to you, you can accomplish this task with relative ease. Either one will remove the groundhog and help you to keep it out, as well as any other groundhogs.

Professional Removal
Professional removal is something that many choose first. Since it is a professional, people expect higher quality results. They expect the pro to do the work in a safe, competent manner. That is something you can expect with most professionals, but you have to remember that this is a wild animal. They cannot guarantee results and may do the same work you would at home, but at a far higher cost. The main advantage of choosing a professional is that it lowers the risk to you. Groundhogs are wild animals that carry diseases. Exposure to one could put you at risk. A professional removes that risk while removing the groundhog.

Personal Removal
If you want to do this yourself, you are going to have to face that risk of exposure. Whatever type of trap you lay, however close you get to the groundhog, you risk exposure to the dangers and diseases that come with a wild animal. You will have to remove anything you find, too. If you kill the groundhog, it is on you to remove it. You will have to wear protective gear and be cautious when doing so. The advantage is cost. Removing a groundhog is not hard, not with the equipment available. You can remove a groundhog somewhat easily and quickly without having to spend the professional price. If you cannot afford the pro, this is not going to be a challenge for you. Choosing between a professional and personal removal comes down to what is right for you. It depends on whether you feel you are up to the task. Consider the pros and cons, and decide based on what you prefer.

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