What Do Wildlife Rehabilitators Do With Groundhogs?

Purpose of Groundhog Rehabilitators
When you find a groundhog and want it to go to a safe place, wildlife rehabilitators might be your first choice. They are great at helping animals of all types survive and thrive, whether they hold them or release them back into the wild. With groundhogs, you might not know exactly what they do, though. You might have no idea how these organizations manage the groundhogs and what happens to them afterwards. Since groundhogs are considered pests, how do these organizations view and treat them? Knowing all of this can help you when making a decision of where to go. If you want to make sure that the groundhog gets the best care, you have to know what happens when the professionals take them.

The Ill and Injured
The main focus for wildlife rehabilitators is the ill and injured groundhogs. If you have a groundhog on your property that is either, they will take it and nurse it back to health. Rehabilitators are trained professionals who understand the unique needs of the animal. They work closely with vets and have appropriate, adequate space for the groundhog while it recovers. They make sure that the groundhog can go back to being in good health. If it cannot, they may choose what to do from there, including having it homed in an appropriate location for the rest of its life. For groundhogs that recover, they may release them back into the wild, somewhere that is safe and has everything the groundhog needs.

Baby Groundhogs
Rehabilitators will take in the orphaned groundhogs, too. If there is no mother present, and the groundhogs' lives are at risk, they will take them in and take care of them. This means they will feed and care for them, doing everything they normally get from a mother. They will make sure the groundhogs grow up as healthy as possible. When the groundhogs are at an appropriate age, they will release them somewhere safe. They make sure the groundhogs have everything they need to grow up healthy and adjust to the wildlife. Rehabilitators are there to make sure groundhogs, and other wildlife, are healthy. They focus on the ill, injured, and young, getting them into a shape that will allow them to survive in the wild. If you have a groundhog that is in need of help, rehabilitators are a safe way to go. They know how to best take care of animals and they work closely with vets to keep them in good health.

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