Is It Legal For Me To Trap A Groundhog?

Legality of Trapping Groundhogs
Groundhogs can cause a huge mess in your yard. They eat away at your garden, create holes and tunnels, and cause overall destruction. No one wants to deal with such a menace. Removing that menace, though, requires knowledge of the law. There are animals that are illegal to trap, and doing so could land you a large fine or even jail time. To avoid these, make sure you know the law surrounding groundhog trapping and releasing. Keep in mind that laws across the United States may differ. Generally, there is not much difference, but you should look into local laws to make sure your area does not state anything different.

Trapping Groundhogs
Trapping groundhogs is an important step in removal. When there are groundhogs on your property, you cannot simply wait around and hope they leave. If there is still food and shelter, they are not going to do that. In most areas, trapping is not an issue. It is legal for you to trap groundhogs and most traps you can find are legal to use. Major websites and retailers will have all types of traps that target groundhogs, and they are all perfectly fine to use. Whatever type of trap works for your unique situation, you should not have to worry. Keep in mind that some traps are not legal to use due to inhumane treatment. So long as you use safe, legal traps, there is no risk here for you. Go with the professional recommended traps and use them as instructed.

Releasing Groundhogs
The only legal concern is in the release of the groundhogs. Capturing the groundhogs on your property is fine, but you will have to consider where you release them. Releasing them on private property without the property owner's consent is illegal. You cannot release any sort of animal on another person's property against their consent. Doing so may get you in legal trouble. Make sure that you speak with the property owner or release the groundhog somewhere you can legally and safely do so. There are plenty of options available to you. If you have any trouble, you can look online or speak with professionals about it. You should face no problems when trapping and releasing groundhogs. Use legal, humane traps and release the groundhogs in appropriate areas, and you should be fine. There is minimal risk to you so long as you follow the law.

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