What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of A Sick Groundhog?

Symptoms of Ill or Diseased Groundhogs
A groundhog on your property is trouble enough, but then you notice something is wrong. The groundhog might act or look differently, maybe odd. It sets off alarms and makes you think it could be ill or injured. In these cases, you want to know what to do. Before you actually do anything, though, you have to know whether the groundhog is sick or hurt in any way. Know the symptoms and know what to look out for when you see a groundhog. Be smart about it and stay informed. With the risks a sick groundhog can pose, you will want to do something right away. There are some signs to spot, but it can be difficult at times.

Not All Sick Groundhogs Show Symptoms
Not all diseases or illnesses or other types of problems may show any symptoms. A groundhog might act completely normal but still carry diseases of some kind. This is part of the reason why you should never approach one. A groundhog is a wild animal and you should treat it as such. It can have diseases that you may not see, and you may fall ill due to exposure to these diseases. Treat it like a dangerous wild animal. Keep your distance and remain careful when going anywhere near it. It may not look sick, but there is no way to know for certain.

Symptoms You Can See
Certain diseases and illnesses do show symptoms. Rabies, of which groundhogs are common carriers, is one to consider. Rabies shows itself with erratic behavior, foaming at the mouth, aggressiveness, and a lack of fear of humans. If you see these symptoms, stay away from the groundhog. Do not go near it at all. Rabies is transmittable and dangerous, potentially leading to death. Other symptoms of other diseases and illnesses include lethargy and odd behavior. If you see a groundhog acting strange, it may have a disease or illness.

What to Do
If you know or think there is a sick groundhog, contact animal control. Whatever is wrong with the animal, you want to have the professionals take care of it for you. They will remove and manage the animal on their own. There are some ways to spot a sick groundhog, but it is not always possible. In all situations, you want to be safe and keep your distance from it. There is a risk of exposure to the disease and you may end up putting your life on the line.

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