Where Should I Relocate A Trapped Groundhog?

Relocating Trapped Groundhogs
Getting rid of a groundhog is vital, but you might not know where to take it. Once you have the groundhog trapped, you have to figure out where you are going to release it. You want to do what is best for you and the groundhog, of course, but that is not easy to figure out. It should be away from your property while being somewhere with enough food, water, and shelter for it. There are options available around you, you just have to find something adequate and where you can release it. If you cannot find anything yourself, or do not feel comfortable taking the groundhog, you can always contact animal control. They will pick up and release the groundhog for you.

Finding A Location
You want to find a location that has adequate food, water, and shelter. It should be a place that is safe for the groundhog. The reason the groundhog likes your yard is because it offers all of that. You want to find somewhere that can do the same, ensuring that the groundhog is not at risk due to your removal. You can look online or call a professional for help if you want to find a place that does the job. There are going to be plenty around you, so finding the right location is possible. When on the search, keep in mind that you cannot release the groundhog on private property unless the property owner gives you their consent. If you plan to release on private property, make sure you speak with the owner first. If they do not give your consent, you could face legal trouble for releasing the groundhog. Look into the legality of releasing a groundhog. In some areas, release in general might not be allowed. See if that is the case where you live before doing anything.

Call the Pros
If you cannot find an adequate location or cannot relocate the groundhog yourself, you can contact animal control. Animal control will pick up and remove the animal themselves. Since you have already trapped it, all they have to do is take the animal. Animal control will know where to release and the best way to take care of the animal. This ensures the best care and results for the groundhog while taking a lot of the stress and work off your shoulders. It is better for everyone involved. Groundhogs require a certain environment. They need the food, water, and shelter that any animal expects. When relocating them, think about their needs first. If you want to make this easier on you, you can always contact animal control for assistance.

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