Should I Ever Poison A Groundhog?

Using Poison with Groundhogs
A groundhog problem can leave you frustrated and wanting a quick solution. Removing the problem is not always easy, sadly, and you might start looking at some methods that will remove them immediately and easily. One such method is poison. People look to poison when trying to remove all types of pests from their home, but is it worth it? We hear of so many condemning the use of poisons for a variety of reasons. Figuring out why and whether you should go forward with it is vital. Before you do something so drastic as using poison, know the facts and risks behind it. Make an educated choice in the matter for your sake and others'.

Poison is Poison
This is obvious, but there is more to it than that. Yes, poison is poison – that is why you want to use it. You want it to kill the groundhog and remove the pest permanently. However, poison to a groundhog is poison to other animals and life, too. Poison is poison all around. If you use poison to remove the groundhog, something else might get it first. There is no saying, with absolute certainty, that the groundhog will get it first. It could be other wildlife, like birds and squirrels, or it could be your own pet. In any scenario, it is dangerous. Beyond the risk to animal life, there is the risk to your yard. Poison can, potentially, cause damage to your yard. This goes against your reason for removing the groundhog.

Inhumane Death
An issue that many have with poison is that it is inhumane. How long it takes and the specifics of the death depend on the poison itself, but all poisons lead to a painful and slow death. The groundhog is not going to go out peacefully, like many would hope. It is going to suffer, potentially for a day or more.

Better Options
The biggest reason to forego the use of poison is the fact that better options exist. If you want to kill a groundhog, there are cheap and effective kill traps on the market. Place one at a groundhog hole and follow directions and you should have yourself a dead groundhog in no time. These work well and do not harm anything around them. They are not a risk to you, your yard, other wildlife, or your pets and family. Poison is not the way to go. If you want to kill the groundhog, there are better options on the market that are more humane and that do a better job of it.

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