What Is A Groundhog’s Natural Diet, And How Does It Get Its Food?

Groundhog Diet
Knowing what a groundhog eats and the way it finds food can help you in managing and avoiding them. If you have a groundhog problem or want to keep groundhogs out of your yard, this is essential information. The food that groundhogs eat can be somewhat varied. It depends heavily on their environment. While they typically eat the same things, what they can access will change their specific diets. In general, the overall diet remains the same. The types of foods that attract groundhogs and the foods they will eat once in your yard are somewhat predictable. There may be a lot that can attract them, but it is the same basic types of foods.

Overall Diet
Groundhogs primarily eat plants. They will eat flowers, grass, nuts, fruits, and whatever else they can find. They are foragers, finding foods where they can. If you have a garden, they are likely going to love it. The same goes if you have a lively yard with plenty for them to find and eat. If there is enough for them, they are going see it as a perfect place to stop by for a meal. They especially love fruits, like cantaloupe and strawberries. This is part of the reason groundhogs are such pests. Beyond the damage they cause by burrowing, they also eat tons of food from gardens and farms. They can cause a tremendous amount of damage and loss, leading to huge costs. Other than the plants, groundhogs will also eat some creatures, like insects and snails. Groundhogs are small, of course, so they do not eat many other types of creatures.

How They Get It
Generally, groundhogs get their food by finding it. As foragers, they find it by burrowing around and finding an adequate place to eat. If there is enough plant life and other foods around, they will go there to check it out. This is also how they find a place to stay. If they find somewhere that offers plenty of food and shelter, they are going to stay there. Foragers go where they know they can find plentiful food and safety. A groundhog's natural diet changes based on location, but it encompasses all types of vegetation, fruits, vegetables, and small creatures like insects. When they want to eat, they will go looking for an area that offers plenty of all of that. They are foragers who will go looking for the best spot to find food.

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