What Are Some Ways To Kill A Groundhog In The Yard?

Ways to Kill Groundhogs
A groundhog in your yard can be a big headache. They destroy property, eat away at your garden, and create hazards. They need to go right away. Getting rid of them can happen in a few ways, but the most effective and reliable is to kill them. Killing them ensures that they are no longer a threat to you or your yard, and it can be simple and easy to accomplish. All methods are humane. When killing any animal, the humane method is always the preferred. Legally and ethically, you cannot have an animal suffer. The methods below allow you to kill the groundhog without causing any unnecessary suffering and pain. It will go quickly.

Live Trap and Kill
Live traps are great at catching all types of animals. So long as you bait them appropriately and place them well, you can catch whatever type of animal you are after. For a groundhog, this is simple. With the right bait, like strawberries or lettuce, you should be able to attract the groundhog. Once caught, you can kill the groundhog. Since release is illegal in some areas, this may be your only option. Luckily, killing can be painless and fast. Through blunt force or a gun, you can kill the groundhog right away. When doing this, make sure you are accurate. You do not want to leave the groundhog suffering due to a miss or due to a lack of power behind the hit. You will have to try again if that happens so the groundhog does not suffer.

Kill Traps
Traps are available to kill groundhogs. Specially designed traps will attract the groundhog to it, like live traps do, and kill it once it enters. When the groundhog steps on the pressure plate, it will release and kill the groundhog. Snapping its neck is the most common method with these traps, as it is clean, fast, and effective. Once the trap snaps its neck, it is gone. Usually, these traps will take out the groundhog without any effort. Sometimes, though, the groundhog will survive. In these situations, you will have to finish the task yourself. If you feel you are not up for the job, you can always have a professional come in and do it for you. Animal control can take over at any stage if you are not comfortable with this. Whatever you choose to do, all steps are easy and manageable and will get the groundhog off your property.

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