What Are Some Humane Ways To Kill A Groundhog In A Cage?

Humane Methods of Killing Caged Groundhogs
Releasing a caught groundhog is not always an option. Sometimes, it is illegal to do so. It depends on your circumstances and where you live. When you cannot release the groundhog, the best option is to kill it humanely. There are humane, quick methods of killing a caught groundhog that you should use when necessary. If you do not feel comfortable killing the groundhog yourself, there are other options available to you. No matter what, you should make sure that you kill the animal in a humane fashion and dispose of it properly. For your sake and that of the groundhog, you want to do this without any risk to you and without extending the animal's suffering. This is possible and doable.

Killing in the Cage
Killing your caught groundhog is the best solution in most cases. If you cannot release it, you have no other option available to you. If you are unable to release it for any other reason, this is the sensible solution. For most, killing quickly and humanely means using blunt force or a gun. Either one works, so long as you are a good shot with your weapon and take it out right away. With blunt force, you want to hit the groundhog in the head with some power. You do not want it to remain alive after you have done so. If it is alive, it is only suffering and it will have to go through that again or suffer for longer. With a gun, aim right for the head and take a clean shot. A good shot with a gun should take it out right away without any problems.

Kill Traps
There are traps that kill the groundhog. Groundhog-specific traps are available to purchase if you would like to kill it without having to do anything yourself. These traps will use blunt force or quick snaps to kill it. They are, in most cases, highly effective. You can lay a trap and let the groundhog find it. It will kill instantly and humanely, without any issues.

Professional Removal
If you do not want to do this yourself, you can always contact animal control. They specialize in the humane removal of animals of all kinds, including groundhogs. They can remove the groundhog and kill it without you having to lift a finger. Killing a caught groundhog is, oftentimes, a necessity. If you are uncertain of how to go about this, there are some easy solutions out there. Make sure you do it quickly and humanely for the best results.

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