Where Do Groundhogs Live? Do More Groundhogs Live In Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

Groundhogs – Urban or Wild Areas?
You can find groundhogs in a few different areas. So long as they have the ability to burrow and create a home, and have access to food and water, they are going to live there. This might make you wonder – where do they normally live? If you can find them in all types of places, what is their preferred location? Do they have a preferred location. There are some areas where you are more likely to find groundhogs. It largely depends on what is available to them, but they typically focus on where they can get shelter and food easily. For most, this means around humans.

Urban Versus Wild
You have probably seen a groundhog on your property at some point, or you at least know they can end up on people's properties. They like to go into yards, create burrows, and eat the food they can find. Urban areas, where there are houses and yards, are perfect for groundhogs. They can find easy places to build burrows under sheds and homes, and they have access to tons of food. If there is a garden nearby, they do not have to worry much. It is also safe for them. They have fewer worries of predators, outside of humans. They can feel comfortable building a burrow and nest around these parts. Few predators or competition around gives them the chance to survive.

In the Wild
This does not mean that groundhogs do not go into the wild. You can find groundhogs in the wild, so long as there is shelter and food available to them. However, they prefer to go to where humans are. They prefer the access to shelter and food that they get when they stay around humans. As wild animals, they are going to go where they can get more – and that means around humans. Another reason fewer go to the wild is the fact that humans have taken over much of their natural homes. Growing neighborhoods and towns have taken away natural shelter, leaving many wild animals with no choice but to stick around the humans. Groundhogs are most likely going to stick around humans. This is where they can find food and shelter, and where they are safest. Groundhogs sometimes live in the wild, as well, but it is rarer for them due to resources and shrinking habitat. Human neighborhoods have everything they need and are safer for them as a whole.

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