What Are Some Problems Caused By Groundhog Digging?

Concerns of Groundhog Digging
A groundhog on your property will lead to digging. It is what groundhogs do and something you will have to expect of them. While it is annoying, you hear a lot about the dangers it poses and the risks that come from the digging. You might wonder what they are and what kind of damage digging can do. It does depend on the location and where in the area the groundhogs dig. No matter what, there is definitely going to be damage to the property, both what you can and cannot see. Understanding the damage they can cause is the first step in managing it and figuring out the best solution.

Damage to Plants
Whether they are sticking around grass or they dig to where other plants are, they are causing damage. This can potentially kill the plant life in the area, at least where they are digging. For the grass, they are removing any grass where they create holes and directly around any surface tunnels. This can ruin a lawn or yard, making it unattractive and unhealthy. The grass alone is not the biggest problem, though. Grass can grow, but there are some bigger concerns with these tunnels and digging – plants. If you have a garden or farm, this digging can mean big trouble. When the groundhog digs under the plants, they can kill the roots. Once they destroy the roots, the plant dies with it. For a large farm or a garden, this can quickly take out large numbers of plants and crops.

Digging Holes
When groundhogs dig, they create holes. The holes are what they use to surface and move around, finding food. For you and animals, however, they are a major risk. If you were to step on a hole accidentally and trip, you could have a serious injury. You could sprain or break something. For animals, it could be worse. On farms, cattle are at a high risk of this. On small personal properties, the risk is still there with animals, but less so. No matter what, it is a hazard and risk to your safety. These holes being around can cause serious injury. Groundhogs digging is not something to take lightly. You want to remove them before the digging gets out of control, before they damage your property or cause you to get hurt. With the risks they pose, you will want to remove them soon.

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