What Is The Best Bait To Trap A Groundhog?

Best Bait for Groundhogs
Trapping a groundhog is essential when it begins to destroy your garden and yard. Before it can cost you far more in money than you can handle, find ways to trap and manage it. The easiest way to trap and handle a groundhog is through bait trapping. Bait trapping is simple. You lay down a bait trap, bait it with something the groundhog will like, and wait for the groundhog to come to you. There are ways to improve your chances with trap placement, but the bait you use is going to be the most important. Figuring out what type of bait you are going to use is vital, and incredibly easy. You can find effective bait without much cost or effort.

What They Are Already Eating
If you have a garden, the groundhog has likely been eating from it. Look at the foods that the groundhog has been eating and use that. You can use the ones from your garden or you can purchase the same from the store. This is a food the groundhog obviously prefers and it is something you know will work. There is no doubt that the groundhog eats it. Of course, if you have no garden or if you do not know what the groundhog has been eating, the search becomes harder. You can still find something that works, but you will have to go through popular baits instead of using what you know the groundhog likes.

Popular Baits
There are a few baits you can use, all common and easy to find. Strawberries, peaches, peas, and corn are a few good examples. There are others, but these are some of the easiest. Most types of fresh fruits and vegetables are a good option. They will attract the groundhog to the trap easily and are easy to find, as well as cheap to buy. These are the same baits that professionals use. There is no need to spend a lot on specific purpose baits when you can purchase usable options from any grocer.

Using the Baits
Place the bait in the trap, where the groundhog will go in and trigger the plate. So long as you place the trap wisely and use a good bait, this should work. If it does not, switch out the bait for something else until you find something the groundhog will like. If it still does not work, move the trap to somewhere the groundhog will go into it. Groundhog bait is all around you. It is easy to find, cheap, and effective. With good bait, you can get rid of the groundhog problem in no time.

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