What Should I Do If I Find A Nest Of Baby Groundhogs?

What to Do with Baby Groundhogs
An adult groundhog is bad enough, but baby groundhogs on top of that can pose a serious problem. If you do not do something about it soon, you may have several juveniles and then adults roaming around your property. With this many groundhogs, your property is at risk. Act quickly to remove them and keep them out, removing the adult and babies fully. Doing so is not going to be so easy, though. The mother is not going to abandon her young, and the babies are blind and helpless. None of them are going to leave on their own. There are ways to get them off your property and keep them off, thankfully.

Remove the Mother
Before you can remove the babies, you need to get the mother out of there. Doing this is going to require an exclusion trap. Exclusion traps allow the animal to leave an area, but do not permit them access once they are out. There is no way for them to get back into their burrow or nest. Using an exclusion trap and bait, or just patience, get the mother out. With her out, you can start getting the babies out.

Remove the Babies
Wearing protective gear, remove the babies from their nest. You want to make sure that you are wearing safe gear and that you are gentle with the babies. You do not want to hurt them in the process. When you have them out, you can place them wherever or relocate the groundhog and her babies. The babies are easy to move, as they are small and defenseless and blind, so it comes down to getting the mother out. If you remove the groundhog's tunnels and nest, they will have no choice but to leave. If you remove any access to food, as well, they are going to leave.

Professional Removal
If you feel you are not up to doing this, you can always have a professional come in and handle the removal for you. Animal control has the ability to remove both mother and babies with relative ease. They can remove them and relocate them or decide what is best. Groundhog babies should not stick around your property for long. They are a risk that you do not want. Instead of waiting for them to leave on their own, remove them before they are old enough to do any harm and see your home as their own.

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