Is A Groundhog That Is Active During The Daytime Rabid?

Groundhogs During the Day – Do They Have Rabies?
Seeing a groundhog during the day might concern you. Groundhogs are one of the animals that people rarely see during the day – or at all. Most associate them with the nighttime, getting food and doing their work when the sun goes down. When you see one during the day, you might wonder why that is. You might find yourself worried, or even afraid. Many assume groundhogs, and other similar animals, come out during the day only when there is something wrong. The first thought for a lot of people is rabies. Is that true, though? If you see a groundhog out during the day, is there a risk or chance that it has rabies? Knowing this can help you make safer decisions when being around them.

Groundhogs During the Day
You might not see groundhogs during the day often, but you will. In general, it is hard to spot groundhogs as they typically burrow and stay underground. If you see one during the day, however, do not be too alarmed. Chances are, it does not have rabies. If it is out during the day, there might be some other reason behind it, big or small. That reason is rarely rabies and rabies should not be a concern for you. Having a groundhog out at all on your property is the only thing that should concern you. It having rabies is not something you have to think about because that is such a low risk.

Going Near the Groundhog
While you do not have to worry about rabies, most likely, that does not mean you should go near the groundhog. It is still a wild animal and can carry other diseases, and there still might be a risk of rabies. Those diseases pose a risk to you and the groundhog, in general, might be defensive. Not having rabies is not a good reason to go near the animal. Treat it as you would any other wild animal and keep your distance. This is in your best interest and the groundhog's best interest. If you want to catch it, use traps or contact a professional. Do not attempt to touch and handle the groundhog yourself. Groundhogs can be active during the day. This is not a completely rare occurrence. They have reasons for being active, and rabies is rarely one of them. That does not mean you should freely handle them. They are still wild animals and you should treat them as such. Keep your distance and be safe about them.

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